Upgrading to Angular 2 RC1 from beta – lessons learned

I recently upgraded my ng2 play repo from beta 15 to rc1 and I ran into a couple of things I thought would be nice to share since I’ve been getting quite a few mails about it. angular2 -> @angular To begin with all of the packages are now distributed under the @angular npm scope. […]


Azure Cloud Service Install Certificate Into Trusted Root Certificate Authorities Store with Azure Startup Task

Here’s a guide on how to install a certificate into Trusted Root Certificate Authorities store for Azure Cloud Services. What we want to solve In our case we had a web role (web app) that needed to communicate with a third party that we didn’t control, they were using a self signed certificate and required […]


Angular 2 Material Replacing Bootstrap

In this weeks screencast we fully replace bootstrap with material components for angular 2. Material2 just announced their alpha 2 release, adding a bunch of components, perfect timing for live coding screencast, code at The ng2play repo has also been updated to the latest angular2 version which at the time of writing is beta […]


Programming Interview Questions: Recursion

In this screecast we solve two commonly asked interview questions; faculty and traversing binary trees. Screencast What’s recursion? A recursive function is simply a function that repeatedly calls itself and the trick is to realize when to stop calling ourselves to avoid infinite loops that result in stack overflows. If the interviewers ask you to […]


Programming Interview Questions: Prime Factorization

This is a first attempt on a series with focus on solving commonly asked programmer interview questions, in this first episode we’ll do prime factorization. Screencast And yes, I’ve been made aware of that 21 is not a prime, not easy to code and talk at the same time. 🙂 What the interviewers are looking […]


Angular 2 Material First Look

In this weeks screencast we take a first look at the material components for angular2 that just released their first alpaha, code at We’ll integrate the button and checkbox component into our ng2play repo, the idea is to fully replace bootstrap down the road. Screencast Components There will be breaking changes between alpha releases, […]