Angular 2 Lifecycle Hooks

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The Lifecycle Hooks

Directive and component instances have a lifecycle as Angular creates, updates, and destroys them. Here’s the complete lifecycle hook interface inventory, all of them available in the angular2/core library and called in the provided order.

  • OnChanges: Calls ngOnChanges – called when an input or output binding value changes
  • OnInit: Calls ngOnInit – after the first ngOnChanges
  • DoCheck: Calls ngDoCheck – developer’s custom change detection
  • AfterContentInit: Calls ngAfterContentInit – after component content initialized
  • AfterContentChecked: Calls ngAfterContentChecked – after every check of component content
  • AfterViewInit: Calls ngAfterViewInit – after component’s view(s) are initialized
  • AfterViewChecked: Calls ngAfterViewChecked – after every check of a component’s view(s)
  • OnDestroy: Calls ngOnDestroy – just before the directive is destroyed.

To learn more about lifecycle hooks, check out the official documentation here.

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