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Angular 2 RC 5 NgModules

Angular Modules, also known as NgModules, are the powerful new way to organize and bootstrap your Angular application. In this screencast we upgrade the ng2play repo to the latest release candidate (RC5). Screencast Links Here are the links related to the screencast. Source code Live demo Angular Teams RC5 announcement RC4 to RC5 Migration Guide […]

Do’s and Don’ts when Using AspNet with Single Page Applications such as Angular, Aurelia or React

Discussion on do’s and don’ts when combining AspNet with Single Page Applications such as Angular, Aurelia or React. Main question: Should we separate frontend and backend into separate solutions or keep them together as the new AspNet template in VS2015 suggests? Screencast What’s your take on it? Agree or disagree? Let me know! Until next […]

Angular 2 Upgrading to new 3.0 Router

In this episode we upgrade the ng2play repo to leverage the new 3.0 router and implement a route guard to protect components that require authentication. Here’s the entire changeset, not that bloody considering the changes but this is also a very small application. Screencast Defining Routes With the old router we decorated our app component […]

Structured Logging with AspNet Core using Serilog and Seq

In this episode we take a first look at structured logging from an AspNet Core application using Serilog and Seq. Screencast Adding Serilog Configuring the web app to leverage serilog only requires 3 simple steps. First make sure to get the nuget packages by adding these lines to your packages.json. “Serilog.Extensions.Logging”: “1.0.0-rc2-*”, “Serilog.Sinks.RollingFile”: “2.0.0-rc-*”, “Serilog.Sinks.Seq”: […]

Angular 2 Material Replacing Bootstrap

In this weeks screencast we fully replace bootstrap with material components for angular 2. Material2 just announced their alpha 2 release, adding a bunch of components, perfect timing for live coding screencast, code at https://github.com/ajtowf/ng2_play. The ng2play repo has also been updated to the latest angular2 version which at the time of writing is beta […]

Programming Interview Questions: Recursion

In this screecast we solve two commonly asked interview questions; faculty and traversing binary trees. Screencast What’s recursion? A recursive function is simply a function that repeatedly calls itself and the trick is to realize when to stop calling ourselves to avoid infinite loops that result in stack overflows. If the interviewers ask you to […]