WinRT app @ Labdays

Installed win8 on my work laptop not too long ago so I decided to create my first winrt app during lab days at work. Due to lack of imagination I created a simple dashboard app for our product SAFE (really ugly page on saabgroup btw). Started of by looking at some sessions on channel9 and googled […]

Performance measurement ASP.NET MVC vs. WebAPI

I’ve been playing around with WebAPI for a couple of days now and I’m quite pleased with most of it so far. At work we have a stripped down a MVC3 site (threw away the M and the V) for ur public REST interface. Except for the ugly ActionResults in the controllers we are satisfied […]

Dell 5530 HSPA Driver for Windows 7 on E6410

So after a couple of hours of struggling I finally managed to get it working! What I basically needed to do was to remove the machine check for the Dell 5530 Windows 7 driver installer for E6400 I’ve uploaded the modified msi here, hope it saves somebody a headache. EDIT: Noticed that my modified msi will […]

Building real-time web app with SignalR

We just recently had lab days at work which for me basically means that I can play around with some new tech to keep myself up to date. Anywho, one of the things I tried out was SignalR which is a .net library for building real-time, multi-user interactive web applications. To goal was to build […]

ASP.NET MVC 4 Mobile Features

I read about mvc 4 and decided to try out some of the new cool mobile features, so I went ahead and installed it, it installs side-by-side with mvc 3 so that’s nice. It comes with a new mobile application project template that uses jquery mobile which looks pretty good but since I want to […]

What about WCF 4.5 and the async/await pattern?

From what I’ve heard it should be pretty smooth to produce asynchronous server/client code with .net 4.5, so let’s try it out! Defining async methods on the service contract is now a lot cleaner : instead of the wcf 4.0 way which would look something like this : the server side implementation of the operation […]